About Us

About Us

Ebid Construction Company is an Egyptian company classified as one of the first category companies for integrated building works Ebid Construction Company is an Egyptian company classified as one of the first category companies for the works of integrated buildings, public works and irrigation stations in the Egyptian Federation of Construction and Building Contractors. Ebid Construction was established as a simple partnership company in 2007 in the name of Obaidco Construction Company, which was founded by Mr. Ebid Muslim Ali and the company went through several stages in amending its legal entity From a sole proprietorship to a simple partnership company, then a partnership company, and over the past years and through those stages, the company has developed in its resources and capabilities and was included as one of the largest contracting companies in Egypt and established many branches and sectors inside Egypt

Our Vision

Ebid Construction has set its vision to become by 2030 one of the leading companies and a competitor to international companies in the field of construction, based on a history, siege and future based on order, seriousness, commitment, quality and continuous development.

Our message

Ebid Construction has set its mission in modernizing the methods of implementation and management of the contracting industry, and a commitment to provide everything that is distinguished and specialized to satisfy all customers, and that quality is synonymous with its business and dealings.
Ebid Construction realized from the beginning of the development stage the need to reduce the gap between its reality and what it aspires to be through the message it adopted, so it was necessary to define the strategic goals that achieve the message and thus set the policies, mechanisms and programs that achieve those goals.
Opening new labor markets and working to increase our market share in the Middle East, the Arab region and Africa in the coming years 
Opening new branches and sectors inside Egypt
Linking all development programs and studies quantitatively and qualitatively to the requirements and needs of the labor market and doubling spending on it.
Meet all customers' aspirations and raise the level of implementation in the fields of contracting.
Apply the latest construction systems and project management programs.